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2021 Monthly Award Bundle

Pre Order

24 Awards Total

This Pre Order Includes:
12 Perfect Month Awards
12 Monthly Challenge Awards
Free Quarterly Shipment (April 2021, June 2021, September 2021, January 2022)

Perfect Month (Full Color with Gold Metal Details)

Perfect Month achievement is for closing the Red Move Ring every day of the month.

You will receive 12 Awards, one for each month.

Monthly Challenge (Full Color with Silver Metal Details)

Each month has its own unique fitness challenge that may task you with burning a specific number of calories, working out a number of times, or traveling a certain distance. There’s no telling what each new month will bring, but you must stay on top of it!

You will receive 12 Awards, one for each month.

Black Out Award

Didn't meet your fitness goal for the month? We got you. Still get a great award for a great effort. Beautiful two tone blacked out version that will replace a missed Perfect Month or Monthly Challenge.


2021 Monthly Award Order

2021 Monthly Award Order


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