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List of Awards

Here is a comprehensive list of all the awards the awards available on your favorite fitness tracker for 2021.

We are adding new awards often. Follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list to get news on the latest drop.

Limited Edition Awards

New Year
Unity Award
Women's Day
Earth Day
Park's Day
Veteran’s Day

Monthly Awards

Perfect Month January
Perfect Month February
Perfect Month March
Perfect Month April
Perfect Month May
Perfect Month June
Perfect Month July
Perfect Month August
Perfect Month September
Perfect Month October
Perfect Month November
Perfect Month December

Monthly Challenge January
Monthly Challenge February
Monthly Challenge March
Monthly Challenge April
Monthly Challenge May
Monthly Challenge June
Monthly Challenge July
Monthly Challenge August
Monthly Challenge September
Monthly Challenge October
Monthly Challenge November
Monthly Challenge December

Lifetime Awards

First Cycle
First Hike
First Run
First Swim
First Walk
First Yoga
First HITT
First Rowing
First Stair-Stepper
First Elliptical 

New Move Goal
Exercise Record
Seven Workout Week

Cycle Record

Hike Record
Run Record
Swim Record
Walk Record
Yoga Record
HITT Record
Rowing Record
Stair-Stepper Record
Elliptical Record

Perfect Move Week
Perfect Exercise Week
Perfect Stand Week
Perfect All Activity Week

Move Streak
Move Goals
100 Days
365 Days
500 Days
1000 Days
Move Record